Alito confirmed this week ‘¦Yea’¦.with the help of only 4 democrats (the lowest in confirmation history) The commission questioning was even more embarrassing for the Democrats than Roberts confirmation or even the Ollie North witch hunt a decade ago.

While I can care less what Ted ‘œThe Swimmer ‘œKennedy and John ‘œYou rang ‘œ Kerry think about him, it bothers me that the rank and file of the Democrats hung together to make their leadership’s stupidity permanent. Do their constituents really think he is unqualified? Is it the Roe v. Wade thing? Well hate to break it to ya’¦.it was and is a flawed judgment’¦and always has been. There is no law allowing abortions. Roe v. Wade used ‘œright to privacy’’¦(also not a law) to make it’s case. So basically activist judges (ones who make up laws when they can’t find ones that fit) made a federal decree that abortion was legal’¦.hmmm’¦constitution says Senate and House ‘˜make the laws’™ not judges. So will the world come to an end if Roe v. wade is over turned’¦..only if you are a democrat that wants the federal government to control your daily lives. If Roe v. wade is overturned then control goes back to the states ‘¦.just like it should be. If you want the sack torn’¦go to California’¦or Florida or Nevada or New York’¦it will always be legal there. The decision was an emotional one’¦the pro-choice protestors are emotional’¦it is time to bring logic to the proceedings. You want Abortions legal’¦ELECT people to create laws to make it happen.

P.S. there are still 6 pro-Roe judges on the Supreme Court’¦.So I don’t see it getting overturned anyways.

Update: 6 States are putting up bills to outlaw abortions. (I’™m sure just to give Alito and Roberts a chance to face it)

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