x2 (10k image) X2 : Mutants Unite (4.2 of 5)
First big hit if the summer (100 Million in 4 days) showed how a sequel should be done. Khan Style baby!!! Forget the character development-we know who they are-just put them in dynamic situations and let the metal fly! Bryan Singer kept the mood, the style, and the attitude and even added in Nightcrawler-a truly top-notch character. The story starts with a phantom mutant attacking the white house in one of the best attack/fights I have seen. But this mutant is under someone else control-and it-s not Magneto. And that-s why all the mutants must unite…to take on this new threat-wait for it-Wolverine-s creator!!! Good fights, God Fun, Good PG Deaths, Bad showing at the Regal in PV. For some reason the aspect cropping was way off. In the Mystique/Wolverine kissing scene I couldn-t even see her head…weird.

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