A True Banner Day Today!!!
1. My Official Debt is wiped clean today. My final payment was sent to my last credit card. And as of Noon PST I am debt free (although I still owe some on my Shell gas card)
2. The sequel to the best movie in the last decade-The Matrix- comes out today. I wont get to watch due to the postponement of the movie party tomorrow that was to be the viewing…might have to wait till next week..(If I don-t go into convulsions by then)
3. Sony Pictures announced the Start of principal photography for Starship Troopers 2 here locally at Manhattan Beach Studios. Boo Ya baby…those who know me know I have true soft spot for the underrated and under seen original. Go-Motion guru Phill Tippett is at the helm and Clancy Brown (Zim in the original) is signed on to return. Bad news: it is slated for DVD release only-but I think Sony is keeping their options open. If the buzz is there…it may make it to a Digital Theater near you.
4. Last Nights Ducks-Wild game made the Anaheim Ducks look completely unstoppable-just like the 99-01 STL Rams. One win away from going to the cup baby-Had a guy here at work from New Jersey comment on my ducks jersey and say-Devils will stop my ass–I said-Cinderella lives in Anaheim, Dude, Just ask the Giants-
5. Clay and Ruben made it to the top two on American Idol. On the show last night two from American Idol 1 came back to perform and Simon was right…the top 5 last year couldn-t hold a candle to the top 10 this year. And while I love Kelly Clarkson-this years two are a quantum leap ahead of her.

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