returner (10k image) The Returner (3.5 of 5)
Japanese faire loaned to me from Jimmy, my Korean Cinema contact. This is a low budget version of THE TERMINATOR meets E.T meets 12 Monkeys. While the effects were fun, and the Bullet-Time scenes reminded me of TRANCERS II (1991), it still worked well. The director tried to mix John woo style fights but they came off looking like-Better Tomorrow- Woo instead of-Hard Boiled- Woo. It was still a good time but the bad guy-s over the top performance made that facet of the film more irritating than fun. The Story follows a young woman in who in an effort to stop the impending apocalyptic war-travels back in time to 2002. In an effort to find the crash-landed alien that started the war, she befriends a super-cool spy that-s chasing a notorious gangster. Once the Gangster finds out about the alien, the returner and the spy must joins forces to get to the alien first.

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