hero-dvd (10k image) HERO (3.3 of 5)
“THE” Big Chinese flick of the new century. Nominated for an Academy Award for foreign language film (lost). The film draws a lot of its interest from the Sony media blitz that was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. And while the scale of the film is 10 times that of CTHD, the action and overall fascination falls short of the Ang Lee film. It tells the legend of an assassin sent to kill other assassins sent after his king, a king trying to unite china. It-s big, it-s grand, and almost none of the fights are full speed. Cool at some times, and just plain monotonous at others. Visuals seemed more important than the pace and story. It is a good legend, and was the defining moment in the unification of china and the domination of the Qin dynasty (The ones who built the wall). The one thing that pulses through both films is the overall tragic feel of all the situations…and the lack of blood. Saw this on DVD. Loaner DVD from Jimmy.

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