identity (6k image)Identity (3.4 of 5)
Surprisingly good story executed in a sub-par way. The story telling need some cleaning. The premise is very M. Night (SIGNS), and while the bombshell happens a bit sooner than most films, the-Hold your breath- moment never happens. Spoilers Coming so stop reading if you are going to see it——..The story plays like a ensemble version of the Bates Motel, methodical showing how each of the characters timelines intertwine. Well done on that part. Then we see people start dying, and we follow John Cusack as he tries to figure it out. But all the characters turn out to be the split personalities of a mass murder going through a special therapy. The therapy forces all the personalities to kill each other off so that, hopefully, the purest and kindest personality is the one that-s left–..kind of cool huh? Well the filmmakers hopped narrative about 10 times and made the investigations more of a mess than a timeline. So by the time the revelations happened, you really didn-t care anymore.

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