Went to San Diego for the weekend for the annual September Birthday Dodger/Padre Bash. Around 30 people showed and it was a blast. Three dodgers fans were in the group: Jeff (brother), Paul and myself, and we made the most of it. The three of us and 200 Raider crossover fans (If you know what I mean) made it an irritating night for the poor padres. Anyway we won in the ninth, and even got our winning run off Trevor-YAAAAA!

Ram Game Three: Loss-.Dammit.
Rams lose on Monday Night Football and I have become numb too it all. I see what is going on and it kills me that we can-t overcome it. For the last three years we had so much power that overcoming the loss of key players and mistakes was easy. Now we seem one dimensional, and it-s never the same dimension that fails. We came out good, sure 91 yards to a TD is great, but Warner was throwing some of the worst passes I have ever seen. On the second drive we lost marshal and our key against Tampa Bay. Now all they had to do was get Warner. St. Clair gets better each game, but this was a great front 4 he was going against. Warner was knocked silly, and the only defense that can beat us :COVER 2, TB did perfectly. 2 of the 4 picks down the stretch were Warner-s fault. But it was Marshall-s replacements that hurt us by doing bad routes, Warner was throwing where they were supposed to be, and picks resulted. Trung looked horrible, but third string rookie RB Gordon looked great. Also playing great was our defense, almost all of their points came from their defense, because we shut their offence down. We played at 60% not enough to beat TB, but should be OK against the Cowboys-.maybe.

Put up a new Movie Trivia Contest in Daily Fun.
My top car choice for next year has a new website: The Honda Element

banger (7k image)The Banger Sisters (2 of 5)
An-Indy-, dammit, about 2 groupies from the 60-s that meet each other after 30 years. Hawn is the Penny Lane character from-Almost Famous-, and Sarandon is the-Faruza Balk- character who grew up to be a straight laced mom. The producers shoot for a R-rated Disney flick. But it comes off more like a flick about 50 year old irresponsible sluts. And the mix hurts it in the long run. The one bright point is Jeffery Rush. An anal-retentive innocent, think spacey-s character in-Pay It Forward-, who gets caught up with Hawn along the way. The F-words (and pictures of all the celebrity penises they had) are the only things that made the film R, and it didn-t need them. Saw in San Diego, Indy = Bad Sound, so that didn-t matter.

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