Sorry I haven-t written, Kind of a weird chain reaction weekend.
Sunday I watched my new Shaolin Soccer DVD ..AGAIN-.I think that is 6 times now.
See review below. Then on Sunday I had a Double whammy-My Birthday and the most frustrating Ram game I have ever seen.
For my birthday deb got me a new rams emblem for my car and a new dodger shirt from my yearly DODGER/PADRE game with the family. And she even decided to cook for me on my-Football Day/Sunday-. All was great, and then all fell apart. Giants went up 10-0 when a tipped pass landed in Jason Sehorn (who Martz just happened to call overrated not to long ago) it was a truly slow start. And just was we were starting to heat up, god stepped in and told the refs:-THE RAMS SHALL NOT WIN THIS GAME!- The next 2 quarters showed some of the worst penalty calls I have EVER seen. A P.I. on Aneas when he was in front of the receiver trying to catch the ball, a fumble called back cause Collins was ruled down, 3 off sides never called and bouncing INT. Jesus!! When we had the ball going down for the win with 2 min left-I knew a pick was coming…and I was right. Maybe god just wants us to start with a challenge. Oh well, off to Tampa.

-A Palestinian boy was shot dead today while stoning an Israeli tank.– AP
Boy, I hope the other kids were watching, cause the-Things Not To Do List- doesn-t seem to have enough entries in Palestinian Territories.

ddd-ss (22k image)Shaolin Soccer (4.7 of 5)
This is the Hong Kong Version not the Miramax-Kung Fu Soccer- or whatever they are going to call it. The DVD is subtitled in English but there is more action than words, so it works out just fine. It-s a comedy/action film about a down and out soccer star and a middle-aged streetwalker. But this is no ordinary streetwalker, in his youth he and his orphan friends were trained by shaolin monks, til the teachers death while the boys were in their teens. Each of the boys mastered a skill: Iron Leg, Iron Head, Iron Shirt, etc.. The Ex Soccer star sees the-iron leg- in action in a street fight and comes up with a plan to create a soccer team to play in the national championship. The old friends are gathered, and the training begins. There is a love story, good vs. evil, and much more. What made this different were the effects. Hong Kong effects have been sub-par compared to US digital. And while not perfect , the effects make the story fun and very watchable. I grew up on 70-s Kung Fu movies, and the same people who loved those films made this film. Stephen Chow is considered the Jim Carrey of Hong Kong, but the fact that he writes/directs/produces and stars in this great film kind of moves him above that. I can see why Disney (Miramax) wants this film, a little trimming and a great family film can come from it.

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