We headed out Sunday morning, driving from Long Beach, CA to Sun City, AZ. Once there we checked into the hotel, had dinner with my Aunt Suzy and her husband, then had a good nights sleep followed by a visit with my Grandmother (Mom’s Mom) the following morning. Neither of them had met Morgan before so it was a nice stop. It worked well to break our road trip up into 2 days as this was Morgan’s longest car trip by far.

By 1 pm Monday we were loaded up and back on the road heading up to Pine Top, AZ. We left the 105° Phoenix area temperatures behind for the light rainy drizzle of the Arizona Mountains. We arrived in Pine Top at around 6 pm ‘“ not a minute too soon for Morgan. Although throughout the long drives Morgan was easily entertained with Wiggle DVD’S from Keilani’s private library. Thank God for those Wiggle DVDs! Over all though, Morgan did very well with the long drives, only getting fussy at the very end of each leg of the trip.

Once in Pine Top, we took over Don’s Dad and Step-Mom’s idyllic mountain condo with everything Morgan would need for a home away from home. Chester, the dog, welcomed Morgan with some trepidation and after a few false starts they became begrudging friends. We learned that Morgan will love roller coasters, because he truly loved the terror of provoking Chester into barking and chasing him, while he frantically crawled away throwing himself onto the nearest adult’s feet for safe harbor. Terror was in his eyes, but all the while he squealed with laughter and delight.

A round of Golf was planned, but the weather did not cooperate, we had a light drizzle on Tuesday and Wednesday and I was hesitant to have Morgan out in a drizzle for 3 hours. Lynne, Chester, Morgan and I did take advantage of nice sunny afternoon and took a brisk walk around the golf course on Tuesday.

Since we were on vacation and had the time, we decided to get Morgan his first haircut. He had just woken up from a 3 hour nap, so I think he was still a bit groggy because he sat perfectly still trough the spays of the water bottle, the actual cutting and a bit of clean up with the electric shears. His stylist, Eric worked very quickly capitalizing the opportunity of his stillness.

Thursday we headed back to California. We left about 2 pm, right as Morgan fell asleep for his afternoon nap. We hit a bit of rush hour traffic in Phoenix, so we stopped for dinner just as Morgan was getting cranky, then got back on the road at 7:30 pm and were home by 12:30 am. Morgan slept the last 3 hours of the trip waking up just before we arrived home, and since he was finally free from his 9 hour car seat confinement, he decided to play from 1 am to 3 am, but did do us the favor of sleeping in until 9:30 am on Friday.

All in all it was a relaxing and enjoyable vacation, and a good first road trip with Morgan.

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