Well ‘¦aren’t we full of ourselves. This one is easy’¦if it wasn’t for the compassion of religion morals’¦you would have no social programs. Unless torturing small animals isn’t getting enough funding for you. Next up’¦a theocracy is run by a Supreme Being or leader who is exalted for his religious beliefs. We have a constitution and election’¦.I can see how you would make that mistake….you were born after the educational system started ‘testing’ multiculturalism and the stupid obsession with ‘separation of church and state’. Sorry your piddly little 5% of the population (atheists) have to suffer through low jobless rates, freedom of religion (or no religion in your case), anti-drug policy (that one i bet hurt), anti-molestation and anti-murder ideals. It must really keep you awake at night. So here is a plan’¦either move to Japan or stop whining and sit back and enjoy the fact we allow your backward ass belief system to exist’¦.cause the people on the other side of the ocean’¦would slit your throat for your ‘œlack of’ faith.

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