Thank god for the pot head’¦or this would have got a 1 of 5. It tells the story of a Uptight city girl meeting her boyfriends family for the holidays’¦ah screw it’¦Christmas. Cute huh’¦.well what comes out is a knock down drag out cliché riddled Red state/Blue state battle. Bet you didn’t see that coming. Laughs are nearly impossible to find’¦and depression over family secrets seem to be the glue of the film. The Gay/Deaf brother and his Black lover become an awkward flash point in one scene (if the brother was also Jewish and in WWII Germany you could have had a liberal cause bonanza). The pot head is played by Luke Wilson’¦and the only real high point for me’¦.no pun intended. I think Deb cried at a few spots, but that could have come from the ‘˜8 below’™ trailer before the film. A joke on the ‘˜Colbert Report’™ surprisingly nailed it: It’s the story of a hard working corporate woman being constantly attacked by a jobless hippie family. And she is only accepted after she smokes pot and whores herself out. Luke was good’¦Danes was good’¦the gay boyfriend was good’¦everyone else was far too irritating’¦yes even Craig T. Nelson as the father who reluctantly has to gain control. May be I was just pissed cause I wanted to see Narnia. P.S. ‘“ Chick Flick with no happy ending.

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