It is Over’¦the new American Idol is: CARRIE UNDERWOOD.
Congrats Carrie’¦it could have gone either way’¦but American took voice over entertainer’¦and that’s ok. If I had to pick my favorite song from the season it was Carrie singing ALONE anyways.
Bo will have no problem with career’¦and his will probably go further, faster and longer.
But the night belongs to the down home country girl Carrie.
The Finale show was the best one of the entire AI series. Allowing them to sing with their idols..Bo with Lynard Skynard and Carrie with Raskal Flatts it was great. The top ten came out at the beginning to sing’¦it was horrible’¦but when they broke into small groups with George Bensen and Kenny G and Baby Face…they were surprisingly good. Although the Kenny G /Federov/ Teach song was like listening to 3 dental drills’¦.Well That’s it for this season’¦see ya next year.

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