Clive’s Choice:

Vonzell ‘“ Singing Dionne Warwicks ‘˜I’™ll never love this way again’™’¦My mother was a big Dionne fan when I was young so hearing it in a different key and without the emotion behind it made it suffer’¦5 of 10

Bo ‘“ Don’t let the sun go down on me’¦.now Clay’s wildcard version will go down as one of the best’¦.and the highs are not Bo’s strong suit’¦.but it didn’t matter’¦.he Bo’™d it up and made a whole new’¦and perfect version’¦ 9 of 10

Carrie ‘“ Cryin’™’¦as perfect of a choice for Carrie as you can have’¦surpassed K.D. but lacked the perfect emotional pitch of Orbison ‘¦.8 of 10

Singers Choice

Vonzell ‘“ ‘˜Chain of Fools’™ more fun and much more of her style. Missed a few notes as she hurried through it’¦but much better this round’¦7 of 10

Bo- a cappella’¦and almost magical’¦.this was the midway point of a near perfect concert from Bo. 9 of 10

Carrie ‘“ ‘˜Making love out of nothing at all’™. Once again…more emotion than poor Carrie can muster, could not handle the lows’¦but a great presence and look should get her through’¦.7 of 10.

Judges Choice:

Vonzell ‘“ Donna Summer’s ‘˜On the radio’™ Great choice by Simon’¦right in her wheel house’¦Vonzie did well ,but with all three songs’¦it looked like she needed another week of practice’¦she has a great voice and personality’¦but has not got it under control yet’¦she should get voted out tonight’¦.but a big record contract will be waiting at the end of the year. 8 of 10

Bo- ‘˜I can’t get no satisfaction’™ ‘“ Silly choice by Paula’¦but Paula is silly…so that’s ok. Bo can do no wrong’¦so a little candy can’t hurt anybody. This week was spot on for him and all the songs can be recorded and sold the next day’¦no rehearsal…no fine-tuning’¦just perfection. 8 of 10

Carrie- ‘˜I fell like a woman’™ A spot on choice ‘˜on paper’™ from Randy. But Carrie has a wooden performing style and Shania does not. This song may have hurt her when Shania’s ‘˜Still the One’™ probably would have brought down the house. Not your fault Carrie’¦still good though’¦7 of 10

Bo should move on to the final’¦Carrie/Vonzell are tied this week’¦but Carrie should make it.

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