Bo ‘“ A lot of lousy song choices tonight’¦but Bo fit his best and perforomed with the now solid and confident ‘˜Bo’™ Style’¦tops for the night.

Carrie – Rocking Martina McB song but not a good one- melody and chorus was a mess’¦but Carrie did her best with bad material.

Vonzell ‘“ Another tough song’¦and she does it well’¦didn’t like it when Christina did it…didn’t like it again’¦but she is staying near the top of the pack now.

Federov ‘“ Slowly climbing back in doing the song that Kelly lost her voice on (and solidified the win in my opinion)’¦did well enough and catered to his audience. So he should be safe.

Constantine ‘“ So Greek it hurts!!!’¦anyway rocker tune that would only please rocker fans’¦and American Idol fans are not rocker fans. Too harsh and no real use of his voice. May be booted for spite.

Scott ‘“ Oh God let him go home tonight, The slow song of the night had no highs and was boring and safe’¦Federov has even passed him. Time to go.

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