POSTED 11-9-04

Replace Pump
Remove Heater
Integrate Solar Panels
Add new door to garage.
New sound sytem
Move all pool supplies into garage
Shade cover over deep end (kind of a pipe dream at this point)

Update: 8-28-05
Old cast iron pump lost all suction (Barracuda wouldn’t even move)

Start cutting with my trusty circular saw and metal blade.

Since the new pipes will be PVC I had to sweat a 1.5’ treaded coupler to the copper output pipe.

Since the suction pipe was 2’ and Home Depot and Lowes didn’t have any 2’ threaded couplers’¦I had to Sweat on a 2-1.5’ Reducer’¦then a 1.5’ section’¦then a 1.5’ threaded. Looks ugly but should be ok when painted to match the other copper pipe.

Everything all plumbed’¦arrow shows section to be cut out for the riser tubes for the solar setup after the summer’¦.Wow it kinda is after the summer already.

The back flush handle was removed as well as the lines to the heater’¦a ball valve was put in at the low point of the system between the pump and filter’¦for pool pump out and system drainage. The pump was moved between the input and output pipes and the filter was moved closer to the system 12’ …allowing a smaller footprint overall.

Started cutting at 6pm…flicked the switch about 1am…thank God for Mountain Dew.

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