Situation……….A friends parents retired and was looking for info on motorhomes…they called me. Once I pointed them to ‘œBest Class C ever built’ the Lazy Daze plant, not two miles from their house’¦.the ball was rolling. They wanted to see the country and were looking for cool things to do. I told them the local places…then told them on the one thing I wanted to do, but never did. I told them the story of my High School graduation (errr..1985)…and my gift…an Alaskan cruise. I told them how I was on a combination cruise ship ferry…and that people would put their motor homes on the ship and when they docked in Juneau…get off and drove home. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. But alas internet searches for such a journey came up nada. It appears the RV rental market has taken over Alaska…and now that same trip is done with non-ferry ships where you pick up the rental in Juneau…..damn, what fun is that!. Suddenly I had to find the ship…what was it’s name?….where is it?…did it sink?…was it scuttled?…I had to know.

A quick call to me mum…got me the name….a quick search on Google got me the story:
Tale of the Star Dancer

Thought both of you would find it cute.

Alas in 1989 they welded up the rear hatch…and it was a ferry no more….bummer.


Pic is from our year….1985

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