The four that can work:

Rick Perry: Long tenure as Texas Governor. He’s dealt with all the issues, faced all the crises and has an enviable record of creating the environment to grow jobs. His tort reform has made his state attractive to medical professions and corporations of all sorts. His instincts are clearly in tune with conservatives. His economic plan is bold and basically in line with every conservative idea floated over the last 30 years. His Political record/results over the last decade puts him at the head of the pack’¦but it may be too soon for another Texan.

Mitt Romney: Strong business experience, fixing the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, and getting elected Governor in a True Blue state’¦he certainly has plenty of executive experience, which I think is important in a candidate for today’s presidency. When he speaks about the economy and governments role in it, he does a exceptional job. He was up front on the auto bailout problems; he’s offered politically unpopular but realistic talk about the housing market. He takes on the left head on without rubbing their faces in it. He really seems next in line and has the correct frame of mind to ease the ship in the right direction’¦not slam it in reverse and try to minimize collateral damage.

Herman Cain: Very solid business experience. Obviously his strongest asset is his personality and passion. His ability to stir up the base is unmatched in the race. He’s got that great deep voice and the cadence of the southern minister that he is. When he gets rolling, you want to believe, you want to get out there and fight to get the country back on track. When they interview some random inner city black and he says ‘œ I aint voting for the Pizza Guy’’¦it doesn’t sway me away because that idiot already voted for Obama last time….and will again.

Newt Gingrich: I like smart conservatives who can see problems and offer conservative solutions to meet them. As important is the ability to articulate the rationale behind them and promote conservatism as a governing philosophy. Newt’s been the best at that for over 20 years and this campaign has shown he hasn’t lost a single step. He’s simply the smartest, most articulate candidate out there by a wide, wide margin. I also really like his desire to find some way to deal with an out of control judiciary. The tough part will be convincing the American people that a lot of what they think about the role of the judiciary is just plain wrong. If you want to take on the intellectual underpinnings of liberalism in this country and make the conservative counterargument, Newt is head and shoulders above anyone out there. His problem is he speaks to us, the ‘˜responsible accountables’™’¦not the American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Oprah Winfrey crowd’¦and sad as it is to say’¦.that’s 1/3 of the country.

The others are more noise than substance and I will support if they rise to the top’¦But my order is above’¦based on my standards which includes national electability.

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