Ok Democrats…you had four years in Congress and 2 years with president too’¦.now that time is over. Now that the adults are coming home’¦it’s to clean up the house and hope mom doesn’t see the crack in the crystal egg.

Time for a new installment of S.U.T.H. (Smack upside the head)..Global warming..will get to that later’¦DDT’¦soon’¦Nissan Leaf sales’¦.can’t wait’¦nah let’s start with nice tits:

So anyone who listened to Jenny McCarthy….I’m Sorry…especially the parents of 622 dead kids.

Jenny McCarthy Body Count

Wait….why I am I so rough on Jenny…well turns out..she was wrong: WEBmd

Now I have a three year old (a preemie born at the best prenatal facility in Southern California), A good Job, Good Medical insurance,and a great pediatrician (with her own children)…so for some reason i had both a stake in the game and people to ask…and they said…’of course get the vaccines’.

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