#1. Lose 40 Pounds

#2. Roll up all incomes, debits and investments and put together a map for the future (no more paycheck to paycheck’¦or daily Starbucks)

#3. 7 miles a week manual labor (anything’¦walk, bike, flee)

#4. 10 days of camping

#5. Double Commissions for the year

#6. Get a New Truck

#7. 50/50 split between motorcycle time and Car/Truck/Motorhome time

#8. GMC rolling by February – Painted by April – Ready to go by June 1st

#9. Cancel DirecTV next week (and a keep at least one friend that has it) -DONE 1/12-

#10. Install Solar panels for the pool

#11. Master Joomla

#12. Reduce state and federal tax payout to the absolute minimum.
…Buy online products from tax free states.
‘¦reassess the house for lower property tax.
‘¦recalculate withholding as to receive no tax return.
‘¦Eat more food from the garden (make a new hanging garden)

#13. Get a new Water Heater

#14. Build a Pantry and Bar

#15. Get a new Stove and Oven.

#16. Hang from ankles an hour a week

#17. Donate 5 hours of my time to defeat Barbara Boxer.

Continued Love for My Son, My Wife ,Ripley, Suzi and unwavering support of the Elephant.

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