Academy Awards Blurb.
Howdy’¦just finished the AA telecast for 2009’¦.err 2008. Nothing surprising overall’¦I wasn’t pulling for anyone or any film due to my lack of overall viewing these last couple years (I would rather spend it playing with Morgan) Wolverine spittle aside…it was fun and quick’¦the way it should be. I was a shocked that my old boss Warren Cowan was in the ‘˜In Memoriam’™ segment’¦.I thought he died 5 years ago.
What I liked: I really liked having 5 past winners introduce the actor awards. I know most of you missed the clips and you hate it when they gush all over themselves like that’¦but I thought it was a classy change’¦and should be kept.
What I didn’t like: Being called a hater by Sean Penn’¦calling out my grandchildren to shame me’¦are you fucking kidding me?’¦. you hack …shut up and act. Nobody gets to get on their high horse about marriage after marrying Madonna. Stiller’s Joaquin Phoenix joke fell flat’¦.as did Bill Maher’s God jab’¦but all the ‘œCommie Homo-lover’s’ had a good time anyways. (No hate mail please’¦Sean said ‘˜Commie Homo-Lovers’™ in his acceptance speech)

Oh Lordy I should not have picked ‘œcourage’ as my drinking word.IOWAHAWK

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