12:40pm May 20, 2007 – She was 8 years old.
Luci lost her battle with the sands of a time and effects from adrenal failure that happened over a year ago. Today she was cold and wheezing’¦.I called my Vet at 11am and said it was time’¦ and will bring her in. She never made it to the office. She was the chipper one that was fearless with me and the pups. We got her on a trip to Vegas to visit family. She was purchased to keep our one year old ferret (Ashleigh) company. They were inseparable, happy, and they never fought.


2:00pm – May 20, 2007 – She was 9 years old.
Ashleigh’s hips have been going for a while so I changed their 2 story condo to a Hollywood style bungalow last month so that the girls could get around easier. She was given to me by a snake breeder that had too many ferrets and saw her not getting her share of food. She came when called and could find the smallest hole anywhere. Alas with the loss of Luci was time to end the pain for Ashleigh as well.

We have baby Morgan coming home soon and Ripley the Weim and Suzi-Que the lab to spread the love around’¦so for now…our beloved ferrets Ashley and Luci will not be replaced.
God speed girls.

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