Morgan had a good day today. No DeSats, no Bradycardia, and no real fussiness. Pretty mellow day all in all. They went back up a bit on his Vent settings, but that’s pretty normal, it seems.

They are going to start increasing his feeds again. He’™ll get one more cc, every shift until he gets to 9ccs. So at 3pm he went up to 7ccs, if he digests it all, he’™ll get 8ccs starting tomorrow morning.

He lost 10 grams yesterday, he’s peeing a lot from the lasik, but pooping does not come easy for him. Although, happy days it’s all regular poop now, no myconieum, so that’s one milestone we’™ve hit. Now if we can just get him to poop on his own’¦

He had a visit from ‘œAuntie’ Missy today. He was on his best behavior for her!

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  1. Hi guys. Just wanted to let you know that we’ve been following your progress on line (now that I semi know what I’m doing). Morgan looks so sweet, and I’m so happy that all is going well. Happy belated mothers day to you Deb. We will keep you in our prayers. Hugs and Kisses to the baby, and you 2 too.
    Mark and Kim Millett

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