The Socialist reign in France is over’¦ Sarkozy won the election this morning. He even said ‘œU.S….You can count on France as a friend’ in his acceptance speech. It is a real bummer that they let is get this far, but thats the cool thing about democracy…if it don’t work…elect people to fix it’¦now they have someone who can steer them into the right direction. And of course…the left and the Muslims in that country rioted. Just like a NBA championship.
It just is a wonderful feeling that when we seem to start losing our resolve’¦the seeds of democracy and freedom that we planted are starting to grow elsewhere. The college students of Iran that were silenced after 9/11’¦are growing in strength once again. The Iranian Economy is starting to crumble despite the oil revenues’¦and we haven’t even fired a shot (that you know of’¦lets keep it that way).

Remember this month and this song:

It is from Nazanin Afshin-Jam.born in Tehran during the turmoil of the Iranian Revolution in 1979. Nazanin’s family was forced to leave all their possessions and flee to freedom, when her father had been jailed and tortured by the Revolutionary Guard under the new regime. Awaiting execution, it was the family’s escape to Europe that saved them from political persecution. She now is the former Miss World Canada and dedicated this song for an 18-year-old girl (Nazanin Afshin-Jam’¦.yes her namesake) sentenced to hang for stabbing one of three men who tried to rape her and her niece in Karaj in March 2005. The song has had a unique side effect’¦it has quickly become anthem for freedom in the former land of Persia’¦.and it is growing. It’s happening’¦be patient’¦and yes’¦we are the tip of the sword.

Other Arab News:

Iraqi Sunni and Shia’s are creating joint organizations against terrorism in response to the current governments refusal (soon to be remedied) to condemn psycho Shia Al-Sadr (in exile in Iran). The Troop surge (only 25% complete) has squeezed the bad guys to outlying cities where the residents have started to turn them in. Still a long fight ahead , but as we squeeze them to the outskirts and Iran problems start to mount’¦insurgents will start coming in as a trickle. Can’t wait till General Petrais’™ next report after the surge is complete.

But enough of international news‘¦..How about that Kansas Tornado huh?…my heart goes out to the victims’¦but at least I know that they know what they are doing’¦.take they same picture below in 6 months’¦it will be rebuilt. And it won’t be chocolate. Then again…maybe they can all live in silos.
How bout that Virginia Tech psycho huh?…my heart goes out to the victims. Pity it was gun free zone’¦otherwise someone could have taken him out. All my Korean friends starting calling each other to make sure it wasn’t one of them’¦not a funny joke to most’¦but it was to them and me. Kudos to Waleed Shalaan and Professor Liviu Librescu who sacrificed themselves so that others could escape. I think we have gotten much better at spotting evil.

And May is just getting started’¦.
Will have more on the Macarthur Park beat down when the fed reports come out’¦.right now it just looks like they start of a paintball game (Pros vs. Entitlements)

ALSO…………….Happy Birthday Mom…love you.

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