Hot Topic Soapbox: Gay Marriage
Lets start with the fact that Homosexuals kind of give me the willies. (Pink mafia not so much), but so do Daddy Long Legs and Teddy Bear Hamsters (Lets not go there). But these feelings don’t hinder the fact that they are human beings and are on the earth with the rest of us. The unnatural side of things stem from the fact that they cannot procreate but yet there population grows everyday…there is a tough one to ponder. So, do I support Gay marriages?…NO. Civil Unions?…YES. The first thing I need to understand is the motivation for this recent uprising. Is it financial, survivorship, insurance, taxes? Well then fight for the term ‘civil unions’ to be added to those factions of our society. Is it to get the golden ring that defines commitment and love?.. If a paper is what you need to define that …then you are getting married for the wrong reasons.(see.. Beard) that being said…for the purposes of law anybody should be allowed to vow commitment to anybody. And I am unaware of any law that prohibits that. Marriage is the term used by Christians (not a big supporter of homosexual behavior) and the term just stuck when it came time define coupling for government purposes. So my message to the gays: get your own term….and fight for that, don’t take one that was never intended for you. Look at the whole thing in terms of a Private Country Club. It’s a ‘white guys only’ place and the reasons they join the club is because it is a ‘white guys only’ place. Now some women and blacks sue to get into the club… next thing you know the club folds…Why…because a group of people tried to get in a club they were not wanted in…they wanted inclusion without thinking what their inclusion might do to the club. This is why breeders vote for prop 22 and for constitutional changes (which I am against by the way….See Ansley quote below) because they don’t want undesirables in their club. So start your own club…and don’t tarnish mine. That being said…If this comes to pass and gay marriages are common place…the morally-just will separate from the now tarnished term of marriage, like Star Belly Sneetches, and create new terms like Homo-wed and Hetero-wed and the whole battle of inclusion will start all over again.
P.S. this all started with those long haired Beatles on Ed Sullivan..but that’s another story.

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