This past weekend we went down to San Diego to celebrate Ron Ritchie’s Proper Retirement Age Birthday. Ron is our Scottish friend who is visiting Grandma Sandra for a couple of weeks. Ron brought Morgan a beautiful hand made teddy bear from Balmoral Castle.
(photo by Rick & Patti Zambori)
He also gave Morgan a Gaelic blessing. He wrapped him in the Ritchie family tartan and blessed him with Health, Happiness and Longevity, the blessing is given using the finest Scottish Scotch. He further sealed the health and longevity blessing with a very special silver wristband made from Scottish Silver.
The band was given to Ron at his christening and is traditionally passed from first son to first son, since Ron doesn’t have children, and his brother had no sons, he has passed the wristband on to Morgan, who will hopefully someday pass it on to his first born son. Morgan is so blessed to be taken so fully into so many people’s hearts. I think a lot of people really feel like he is as much theirs as he is ours. And I am so glad of that because family (whether by birth or extension) is a wonderful thing.

Overall Morgan has been doing well. We have had a few apnea episodes here and there, mostly positional. So we are trying to keep him on his back and avoid tummy and side positions. He is more awake during the day, and sleeps 3 ‘“ 4 hours at night.
(photo by Rick & Patti Zambori)
Morgan was evaluated by the Regional Center last week. They are an early intervention program that works with kids from birth to 3 years of age. They help to identify areas of developmental deficiency and provide physical and occupational therapy to help the child advance accordingly. Because Morgan was born at less than 32 weeks gestational age and less than 1500 grams, he automatically qualifies for assistance. The therapist felt that Morgan could use some help with his muscle tone development, so she gave us a couple of exercises to work on. Also, since he still drops his jaw when bottle feeding she recommended that an Occupation Therapist come to the house 1 ‘“ 2 times a week to work with him on feeding as well as muscle development. I have been working with him on head control, and he is making strides in that area.
This weekend is his coming home party. I sent invites out via email because I was so late in getting them out. So, if you didn’t get an invite, and are in the area on Saturday at 2pm, please do come!

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