Morgan had a small weight loss on Sunday, he dropped back to 4lbs 71/2ozs, and then gained weight Monday and Tuesday, so he is now up to 4lbs 12 1/2 ozs.

He is doing very well off oxygen. After 24 hours they took off the PulseOx monitor and he is doing great.

He is now taking 2 oral feedings a day. Yesterday we changed the noon feeding to the breast, and his 9 pm feeding is the bottle. He did ok yesterday with breast feeding, he was still getting the hang of it. Today he did much better, although he pooped out after 20 minutes. Seemed like he was full and happy because he went to sleep, but 30 minutes later he was wide awake, so the lactation nurse was giving him a bottle when I left today.

Everyone is talking about him going home soon. He got his 2 month vaccinations. His hearing test is scheduled for Friday. Dr Jacinto stopped by today and she is thinking maybe sometime in the next couple of weeks. It all depends on how fast Morgan gets up to 8 feedings a day.

Dr Jacinto tried to set Morgan up on a date. She unplugged him from the heart monitor and walked him over to meet one of the triplets, Toni. Morgan wasn’t so sure if he wants to date Toni ‘“ Toni’s mom thinks brother Max might have intimidated Morgan ‘“ I think that he was more interested in Sydney, the other triplet. The triplet’s mom was all for Morgan dating her daughters, she thinks he comes from a good family and knows he will have the height for her daughters. (Triplet’s dad is 6’™7’ and mom is about 6ft tall.)

Morgan is just the talk of the NICU (he’s so cute, he’s doing so well and so on) ‘“ and whenever any other moms are feeling bad or scared, Lactation Nurse Jody brings them over to me for words of wisdom, perspective and encouragement. It’s nice to be on the tail end of this journey and looking towards to a whole new one with Morgan at home.

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