What a great weekend Morgan had! He turned 2 months old on Sunday and celebrated with the removal of his nasal cannula! They have been trying him off oxygen off and on since Thursday, and he was doing well enough without oxygen on Sunday that the Dr said to go ahead and remove the cannula! If he does dip below 85% oxygen saturation he immediately comes right back up, on his own without oxygen support or stimulation.
He also took his entire feeding of 40 ccs on Sunday from the bottle, without oxygen support. He did very well at stopping to breathe and maintaining his oxygen saturation.
So next goal is to gradually increase the number of feedings he is taking by mouth until he is up to all 8 feedings. Challenge is that it takes a lot of energy for him to eat by mouth, and they don’t want him to expend more energy eating than he is taking in. So it may take the rest of the 4 weeks until his due date to accomplish this final piece of the puzzle before he can come home.

His weight is up to 4lbs 9 ozs (more than double his birth weight).
Things to do before he goes home:
Maintain Body Temperature ‘“ Check!
Breathe on his own ‘“ Check!
Weigh between 4 and 5 pounds ‘“ Check!
Take all 8 feedings by mouth ‘“ 1 down 7 to go’¦..
No Apnea or Bradycardia for 8 straight days ‘“ In progress

3 Cheers for Morgan!!!

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