After one 90 gram and one 30 gram weight gain, Morgan has nearly double his birth weight, he now weighs 4lbs 7 ½ ozs.

He is making progress on his oral feedings. He took 10ccs on his 2nd and 3rd attempts. Today he did much better at pausing for breath, but he also wasn’t really interested in sucking, either the bottle or the pacifier, so he only took 3ccs. He was alert today, but more interested in the sights and sounds around him than in the bottle.

He is down to 0.2 liters of oxygen at 28%. So they tried him without oxygen yesterday, he did good in the morning, for about 4 hours, then de-satted. They tried again in the afternoon and he only made it 30 minutes before de-satting. They will try again in a couple of days.

He’s continuing to do well in his open bassinet. So all in all he is making progress, which at just 4 ½ weeks from his original due date is what we would expect to see. Recheck of his eyes shows he is still Stage Zero of Zone 2. He’™ll have another exam in 2 weeks, but since he is on very little oxygen I don’t expect any vision troubles.

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