Morgan did much better on his second attempt at bottle feeding. This time he stopped sucking on his own in order to breathe. We are going to continue to work with him once a day until he gets the hangs of the tri-fecta (suck, breath and swallow). He was also more alert and showing his signs that he wanted the pacifier/bottle.
Because his weight has been down, and he is slow to get back to where he was, the Dr is increasing his feedings from 24 calories per ounce to 27 calories per ounce. He should gain ½ an once a day. If the 27 calories doesn’t get him there, they will add rice cereal to his feedings. (The calories are increased by adding Human Milk Fortifier to my breast milk).
His breathing is doing really well. He’s had a great couple of days at 0.5 liters and 21%, so we are going to try him at 0.4 liters and see how he does.

Being back at work has been hectic but good. Because we are working with the Occupational Therapist every day I have to take a 2 hour lunch to be at the hospital for an hour with the OT and Morgan. So I eat on the way to the hospital and pump on the way back. Right now I am working 8 am to 6:30 pm with a 2 hour lunch and 2 20 minute pumping sessions. My hope is to move my visits to 5 pm and break my lunch hour and 10 minute breaks up for pumping sessions and actually have 20 minutes to stop and eat lunch. Anyway everyone is glad to have me back, and I know these last 5 weeks until his due date will fly by with work to keep my busy.

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