I remember 3 outstanding moments in singing on television:
Whitney Houston at Superbowl XXV
John Byner-s BIZARRE on HBO (Canadian skit comedy show with nudity) and 18 year old named Celine Dion in 1982.
And Kelly Clarkson in the Final Episode of the-2002 American Idol-.

Kelly was amazing, and I even cried when she could not sing her now signature song because of her tears of joy. Pop music is not about singers it-s about music; Catchy songs with people who cant even hit the second registers. But there are singers, good singers, there are just hidden away on Broadway and opera houses and obscure sections of Record stores. Great singers have tried to cross over into the MTV trash by converting to Divas or Michael Bolton, but with mixed results. Simon would smart to steer her away from MTV and more toward VH1. P.S. if you want to see something truly amazing check out her version of ‘Surrender’ 3 weeks ago. It’s available on the American Idol Website. She had strained her vocal chords for 3 months..but still powered through the song and made it even more special.

My favorite quote thus far:
-Whether Kelly has the savvy to support a career is open to question, but she has earned a chance to try. Like an athlete, she marshaled her talents and performed under incredible pressure. Compare that to the dullards on Big Brother, who hope to become TV stars by complaining about each other’s hygiene.–USA Today

Speaking of Big Brother, we are getting down to the nitty-gritty. The-Perfect Gay Man’ Marci has flipped some mental switch this last week to turn from Homo to Homicidal. Amy and Roddy have taken the brunt of his anger. HOH is power and you know what power does. The other thing Deb and I have noticed is that Roddy has kept all of his deals, and everyone has broken theirs. And they blame him. Nice Society kids. I still pick Josh or Dani (boy does Deb hate Dani)

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