Morgan moved out of the isolette and into an open bassinet on Friday. He is now responsible for maintaining his own body temperature. He is doing a good job of it. It’s noisier outside the isolette and he is taking some time to adjust to that. He was sleepier this weekend, and didn’t show much interest in his pacifier at his feedings.

His bitchin’™ new convertible:

His weight has been up and down, mostly down. He has had a couple of days of gain after a couple of loss, and is back to 4lbs 3 ozs.

Glenn, our favorite RT, switched him over to a low flow oxygen meter so they could wean slowly from 1 liter to 0.5 liter. So Friday he also went from 1 liter to 0.7 liters. After a weekend of slow adjusting, he is down to 0.5 liters and between 20% and 30% oxygen, and is doing well with it. His apnea spells are decreasing.

Don’s work threw us a baby shower on Friday. We got lots of great stuff for Morgan! Including his crib and mattress! Thank you Ward Davis!!

Some new duds:

And I am back to work starting today. I will take a two hour lunch to see Morgan and work with the OT. His first attempt at nippling, both bottle and breast were ok. He sucks and swallows, but forgets to breath. So we will be working on teaching / helping him to do all three. That’s our project for this week.

Happy Fathers Day to new ones and old ones…

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