At halfway point to his normal due date’¦Morgan hit 4 pounds and 18 inches.
This was two days ago…not quite 4 yet.
He is still on a cannula and gets 30% at .5 to 1 liters’¦this has been varied a lot in the last few days in an attempt to find his comfort zone’¦and to move him forward. We are looking for no DeSats at 21%..if we get that’¦ the oxygen will be removed and he will be on room air. Word on the street is they will attempt nippling next week with the help of an occupational therapist’¦that’s good cause I need some advice on were I am at my job too.
On the other side of the isolet ‘¦Deb has developed an allergy to just about everything. Well at least the detergent they use at the hospital and the soap at the scrub sinks. They gave her a bottle betadine for washing’¦and now uses blankets from home to hold him. Docs put her on steroids for the hives, so the milk for the next week will be dumped. Deb uses the suspiciously Truck Stop sounding ‘œPump and Dump’ method.

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