Highway to Hell 3:28 ACDC
Im With You 3:44 Avril Lavigne
That Was Yesterday 3:46 Foreigner
We Belong 3:40 Pat Benetar
Victory 4:40 Bond
South Side 3:49 Moby & Gwen Stephani
Is There Something I Should Know 4:04 Duran Duran
Big In Japan 4:43 Alphaville
Take My Breath Away 4:15 Berlin
Honor Him 1:19 GLADIATOR-Original Soundtrack
Code Monkey 3:06 Jonathan Coulton
Dragonheart – Finale 6:02 James Horner
Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young 6:56 Fire Inc.
Bullet In The Blue Sky 4:32 U2

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