Over the weekend they weaned him down from 2 liters to 1 liter, and moved him to the low flow nasal cannula. Because his is now responsible for more breathing on his own, and that’s harder for him to do, he lost weight for 2 days in a row, he went down to 3lbs 7ozs. But he is now back up to 3lbs 8ozs.
Morgan inspecting mommies first Mothers Day gift.

Morgan had his repeat eye exam today. He is still Stage Zero of Zone 2. They’™ll do another exam in 2 weeks.
Last night and today he had a few desaturatization spells, where he was just not getting enough oxygen. So they put him back on the high flow nasal cannula, and as of 3pm have him at 4 liters of oxygen. They will give him a blood transfusion today and hopefully that will help his breathing. His hematocrit was at 34, usually at 32 or below they transfuse, so he doesn’t technically need a transfusion, but they are going to give him one because of his de-sat spells.
Snoozing in his new duds.

We had our first baby shower this weekend, given by my work, Morgan got lots of great things and Don and I had fun reconnecting with my work friends that I haven’t seen much of since I’™ve been out on disability. The party was festively decorated and the food was great ‘“ Thank you Angela and Melissa for hosting the party, and thank you to everyone who came!

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