The repeat ultrasound shows the same Bi-Lateral Grade 1 Brain Bleed as on the 24th. Dr says it’s minor and should not cause any long term problems. Morgan will probably have a CAT Scan or MRI before he goes home to determine if there is any long term damage. Dr says the bleed may have been there when they did the first scan (at 1 week old), but it might have been too small to see at the time.

Morgan was moved to a quieter room (The NICU is made up of 5 different rooms, babies are placed in rooms depending on how sick they are). Moving to another room is a mini graduation of sorts. His new room is smaller, but has less babies so there is more room for mom and dad and visitors. He seems happy in his new surroundings.
His oxygen was weaned down to 2 liters per hour from 4 liters. He is tolerating the new setting, and they will soon try to wean him to one liter. Once he gets to 1 liter, they step him down to the low-flow cannula, next step is no oxygen.

They increased his feedings by 1cc, he’s now at 28ccs, they increased the amount due to his weight. He is now 3lbs 9ozs. He is getting mostly breast milk with some supplementing of formula.

Morgan hit some other milestones this week; he spit up on mommy, and he had projectile poop – all over his lovey doll and the isolette wall. Mom and Dad luckily missed the poop incident.

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