The first family day of summer created to reflect on how we got here, stayed here and to honor the ones that got us here. In the Civil war it was Decoration Day’¦a time to adore the fallen with memories and remembrance. Now it is a holiday for everyone to come together and enjoy the spoils that those brave men and women have given us. The holiday is about symbolism’¦we didn’t die or fight’¦but they are a symbol of why we are here.

My first memories of this were both in the same year. 1976. The first was the Dam painted with ‘200 YEARS’ off the 91 freeway’¦the second was Rick Monday breaking up a flag burning on the hallowed grounds of Blue Heaven on Earth’¦April 25th 1976.
It was just the beginning’¦4 years later a president emboldened those feeling again’¦and I never looked back’¦.. American Forever

So to the fighters and fallen’¦ I say Thank You’¦your honor knows no bounds…and I will join the fight to defend you and it’¦as long as I live.

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