Hey-Long time no talk.
Well, a few developments have kind of squelched me a bit. First I got sick. My track record of catching something from sick babies remains a solid 90%. This time it was Tony-s middle child. Certainly not his fault, But babies seem to be my kryptonite. Anyways I-m on the tail end now, riding again and all. Second was the loss of a few friends, no, not death. Just moving away with no plans to return. One got a job in New York though his company, Hint: he is the keyboard player in the Huey Lewis Wanna Bez video on the FUN PAGE. Second was Dave and Timmerie, they got married and decided to move on. They had about 20 pics on this site but I digitally removed them from the pics of took down the pics altogether. Deb had a tough week food wise, but is coming back around this week. She will have a new update to the log tomorrow. And our adopted son Eddie will be moving to San Diego this weekend. Not sure how Ashley and Luci will take it, but I-m sure all will be fine.
Rams lost both the preseason games so far. But everyone looked good. Faulk didn-t play either game, Warner didn-t throw farther than 15 yards-but I think that was the plan.
3rd string Running back looked great even though he almost got his head taken off by an illegal hit in the bears game. Crouch and St Claire are settling in but no trick plays from Crouch yet, but once again, I think that-s the plan. 3 more weeks and all my prayers will be answered. I-m ready for some football.

Bloodwork (2.5 of 5)
I saw it all comin- but everyone else didn-t. So I guess that make it run of the mill for me, and a good film for the over 50. The concept and story was a good one, but clint-s direction was far too loose. To many things just happened…or didn-t happen. Scenes were drawn out when they should have been tighter. At best it was a One-hour SVU episode expanded way to much. Paul Rodriguez-s motivation was off base, Angelica overacted, Jeff-s character was, I don-t know, dull!!!. Even white guys in the theater were yelling-Shoot HIM!!- and not because it would have been climatic…but because the person on the screen was too stupid to do it. Shot in Long Beach…so it was fun to see the scenery, and like most of his movies, Clint does a good job acting and bags another chick half his age. What a life. Saw it at the South Bay Galleria-so just OK across the board.

XXX (3.8 of 5)
James Bond with Slow Motion. Rob Cohen always makes great visuals (Bruce Lee, Dragonheart, and yes Daylight) so they chance to have him do a James bond movie, got me all excited. The film was a hoot to watch, Vin was just as good as his PITCH BLACK character, with even more coolness. And best of all everything (except the Avalanche scene) looked like it was really done. The Drug Raid was by some of the best full-scale shots since HOOPER. There was no clapping at the end, mostly because it was just a James bond movie; we are all so jaded these days. Music was good, No real signature stuff (i.e. Bond, Indiana Jones) but the heavy metal and opera crossovers worked very well. Good job Sony…once again. Sequels will be coming. But the entire JACKASS / XANDER ZONE clones that will come from this will be a scary sight indeed. Sony has made enough this year to release 3 years of crap and still be ahead of the game. (Much like the 3 years before this one). And what the hell was up with the end credits!!! The was one of the best Bridge showings I have seen (on bads were getting stuck in bad seats and Deb-s chair being kicked throughout the show)

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