So far this has been a very good week for Morgan. He is doing really well on the Nasal Canula, he is having minimal episodes of Apnea, and hopefully they can start weaning his settings down so that we can step down from the high flow nasal canula to the low flow nasal canula, next step down from that, is no breathing support! But we still have 8 ‘“ 9 weeks left in the NICU, so all things in good time. And remember; when they do things like increase feedings, or lower breathing support, they don’t do other things so that they don’t over stress the baby. So his settings may be staying high right now so that he can continue to do well on his feeds and gain some more weight.
Morgan had his first eye exam, this week. They were checking for Retinopathy of Prematurity, or ROP. This is a condition where abnormal blood vessels form on the Retina while it is developing. The abnormal vessels can pull on the retina distorting it, or depending on the severity, actually cause the retina to detach. The abnormal vessels develop mostly due to the high level of oxygen that preemies are given for breathing support. So far Morgan has nothing to worry about. His retina’s are mid-way formed, and there are no abnormal vessels of consequence. Or in medical terms, he is Stage Zero of Zone 2. For a frame of reference, Stage 3 or 4 in Zone 3 would require laser surgery, which they do right in the NICU before the baby goes home. His eyes will be re-checked in 2 weeks.
Speaking of going home, here are a couple more things Morgan must do before he comes home:
‘¢ Be able to maintain his body temperature. They will eventually put him in a open bassinet and monitor his temperature to make sure it stays consistent.
‘¢ He must have 8 straight days of no Apnea (forgetting to breath) or Bradycardia (forgetting to make his heart beat)
Morgan is now up to 27cc’s of formula. This is considered a full feed for his weight. He has been tolerating his feeds at this level for a couple of days, so they have removed his Peripheral IV line and his Central IV line, and all the medicines he is getting are being given orally, with his feedings.
Big news for all of you faithful readers’¦. Morgan is pooping on his own! Had 2 good size poops on Wednesday, without a glycerin chip, and since then has been pooping regularly. You all would have rolled on the floor laughing if you saw how excited Don and I are about this! Don would saw we were jumping around and giving each other high Five’s, and Morgan too. The truth isn’t to far off from that description.

The re-culture of my breast milk came back with low enough levels of staph bacteria that we are going to start him back on breast milk, probably tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that he is able to tolerate the breast milk feedings.

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