Happy days! Morgan was taken off the vent on Saturday, about 3pm. He is doing very well on the high flow nasal canula. He is breathing well, and they have lowered his oxygen from 4 liters to 3.
They also started increasing his feedings again. He is now up to 14ccs every 3 hours. They will go up to 15ccs and hold for a bit. He has gained more weight and is now up to 2lbs 13ozs.
Most of Haas’™ visited him this weekend. Grandpa Denny and Grandma Lynne met him for the first time on Saturday. Uncle Mike and Auntie Dia also visited Saturday; Auntie Dia got him 2 new preemie sized outfits. Grandma Sandra, Auntie Laurie and cousins Cohri and Meghan all visited on Sunday. Everyone got to touch him, and some even got to hold his hand. Auntie Laurie bought him some pajamas, and Grandma Sandra brought him a bag of pass alongs from one preemie baby boy to another, (lots of outfits, some blankets, socks and hats).
All in all he had an exciting weekend. We even had his first Kangaroo Care session (skin on skin holding). I think he really liked it. His vitals were good, and he was pretty happy and snuggly. He had a couple of crying jags when we started to go past his dinner time, but a few sucks on his thumb and then his pacifier helped that. Here is some of the action: CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON

Nurse Holly is the first to sign on as his primary care nurse (for days), and we are glad to have her.

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  1. Hi Haas Family! Paul, Toni and I are all thinking about you, and checking on your progress through the site. Congratulations on all the great progress being made, and we can’t wait to meet Morgan! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and all the great photos of your handsome little boy. :)
    Take care, and let us know if we can do anything for you.
    Paul, Karen & Toni Lombardi

  2. The motion pics are really great – makes me feel like I’m right there watching Morgan. Sure wish I could be!!! I just love all the great pics and also all the details about my little grandson. I love you all, Mom

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