I forgot to review the flick i saw last weekend…….

apg (7k image)Austin Powers in GOLDMEMBER (3.9 of 5)
Part three, and if you follow the Hollywood trend the most commercial – but not the best. True but don-t fret; all is good in the world! This flick is funny…. real funny. Austin is the same old Austin, and plays the straight man to a much-improved Dr. Evil. Hard to improve upon perfection, but mike did it again. Dr. Evil is still the B-Movie Villain who wants to be A-List Bad Guy. Scott Evil and Mini-Me expand their roles and it is wonderful to see the new directions. Mini-me even has one of the best jokes in the film, not to bad for a guy who plays a mute. All the other players were perfect as usual. Caine was fun to see, but didn-t add much to the film. Two running jokes were so bad that I can’t even recall them right now. But everything else hits the mark.
A side note that I thought was funny….Mike Myers hates guns, and if you watch any of the three films you can see him blinking wildly and not aiming when ever he has to do it. That-s not a quirk of Austin, that-s a quirk of Mike.
By the way the thing that makes this a 3.9 instead of a 3.5 movie is the great opening sequence staring Austin and newcomer Dixie Normus…he he…worth the price of the film all by itself. Saw it at the Bridge in a Directors Hall…Perfect Showing.

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