Three Songs
Simon’s choice for Jordan: Wishing on a star.
Never heard it before’¦but Jordan did it effortlessly. Bluesy and fun. Great runs. Top Notch.

Paula’s choice for Blake: Roxanne
Great sting impression’¦.but didn’t scream it’¦so a smoother version’¦and it was good. Right in Blakes wheelhouse.

Randy’s choice for Melinda: I believe in you and me.
Less Whitney more Stephanie mills’¦and that ain’t bad’¦a bit slow for pop competition song. Controlled…with a few out of place notes’¦but the song was not a hit anyways..

Round one goes to Jordan. (despite what the judges say: Mel and Blake very close second)

Producers Choice:

Jordan: Hard for the Money’¦.Damn if it wasn’t easy for her’¦she hit notes Donna didn’t try’¦disgustingly clean and extremely confident.

Blake: This Love ‘¦. YEA!!!!
A little lower than the original ‘¦chorus was not as catchy’¦scratching was perfectly laid in. ‘¦final up note was a great choice.

Melinda: Nutbush City Limits
Hmmmmm’¦another song that doesn’t fit the show’¦but a song that only Mel could pull off’¦gave Tina a run for her money. Solid.

Second round winner: Blake’¦by a hair.

Singers Choice:
Jordan: I who have nothing’¦Perfect’¦ just like the last time she sung it’¦and just as depressing. She will record it for someday for sure. Excellent beginning, middle, and end.

Blake: Ummm’¦WOW’¦that was a great’¦a song I would actually buy. Sung in it the higher register ‘¦he should have done Maroon 5 to. Great scratching end’¦.COOOOL

Melinda: I’™m a woman.
That was fun’¦Randy is right’¦she could sing a phone book. Sassy and spot on.

Round three: Three way Tie

Choice for the finals’¦’¦’¦’¦.I would choose: Jordan and Blake’¦.but would only be mad if Jordan was kicked. Melinda is well on her way to a 40 year career’¦and doesn’t need the crown.

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