Morgan has had a good couple of days. Yesterday he got the correct medicine, the one for his acid once he got the right medicine and it kicked in, his acid level is under control and Glenn, our favorite proactive RT (Respiratory Therapist) weaned his rate from 36 to 18, and he is back to 21%/Room Air Oxygen! We love Glenn.

Glenn also said that if Morgan were to extubate himself (which I guess he did Friday night ‘“ they re-Intubated him) at this point they’™d leave him off the respirator and allow him to prove himself on the High Flow Nasal Canula. So, not that I’™m wishing for Morgan to pull his tubes out again’¦.

I am not surprised that he pulled the vent tube out on Friday ‘“ he was working up to it all day when I was there. He’™d wrap his hand around all the tubes and you just knew he was going to pull. Or, he’™d hook his thumb under the vent guard that goes across his face, every chance he got he had his hand wrapped around those tubes. And since he extubated himself the first night after he was born, we know he’s capable of it. You gotta love his feisty spirit and determination!
I got to hold him again, both yesterday and today. Don and I had decided that holding him was too much of a production for the Nurse and the RT, and with the vent, so we were going to wait until he came off the vent to hold him again. But both Nurse and RT insisted that my holding him is good for Morgan, and good for me, and no trouble for them. So I held him again, between feedings this time, and he did great, again, vital signs rock steady. He held my finger in the tightest grip and mostly just slept in my arms, he opened his eyes off and on for awhile at first. But once he got a hold of my finger, he was out, and no matter how I moved it, he held on tight.
They are increasing his feedings by 1cc every shift. If he tolerates and digests the additional cc, they keep it up for the whole shift. He is now up to 4 ccs every 3 hours. He’s weight is up to 2lbs 9ozs, and you can see the added weight in his face and in his legs! They stopped his feedings last night when they took out his central line (vein had had enough). They replaced it with a regular IV, and restarted feedings this afternoon. He continues to tolerate formula feedings, and we are now waiting for an interpretation of the breast milk culture results.
momday004.JPG….and a little smirk to let you know all is alright…momday005.JPG

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  1. So happy that you were able to hold Morgan Saturday and Sunday…especially for Mother’s Day. I know this
    is a wonderful feeling as he grabs your finger tightly and sleeps, knowing that Mohter is holding him and can feel her warmth and love.

    So glad that Morgan is making progress and gaining weight. I Love the picture of you and Morgan.

    ….Paw Paw Doggette, said to make sure I told you that you and Morgan is in his prayers.

    Fredda ( Fred’s daughter )

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