More Big Brother 3 Pics in the NEW Cam Gallery.

Started some test jogs on the foot today- still tender, but getting there.
Some more of those HAMAS towel heads bombed a college cafeteria today in Israel. What the hell is going on with the morons? If you want to win this thing you need to follow the rules: Hit military targets…NOT civilians. The UN and the “Infidel” countries (or as I like to say “The Ones with Trees”) are about at the breaking point with these Militant Muslim fucks. Once they cross the line again, you will see the poor Muslim countries get cut off from the western world (financially). Sharon is handling it the right way; Use military intelligence to seek out the people making the bombs and giving the orders, and exterminate them with minimal collateral damage. Then fall back home.
Who knows “jihad” may be coming and I still don-t know the ratio of Militants to Peaceful Muslims in these countries. “The West Wing” says Al Quida is to Muslims as The KKK is to Christianity. If this is the case then that-s like .001% of the population of these countries are the problem, and we should keep doing what were are doing. Continue to surgically remove the tumors from the earth. But if 9/11 opened a new wave of recruitment in these countries, and the numbers are more like 50%. Then something much more drastic must be done.
Anyways Deb is looking great and has a new entry in her DIET JOURNAL today.

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