Yes, that’s right ‘“ I got to hold him for the first time yesterday! It was so wonderful and special; I wish Don could have been there. I held him for about 1½ hours. He slept peacefully the entire time, his vitals were nice and stable, all in all a good first trip for him. Thank you to his nurse, Holly, (from Minnesota) and his Respiratory Therapist, Glenn, (from long Island, New York). Who were both fully committed to making this first time event happen.

Only down side is that Holly fed him while I was holding him, and then when we were putting him back he threw up a little of his lunch. Probably from the jostling of getting him back into the Isolette. So next time we won’t hold him during or right after a feeding. Breast milk culture should come back today.

Morgan had a pretty good day yesterday. Vital signs were very stable. He is continuing to digest all of his formula feedings. He had a bowel movement yesterday, with the aid of a glycerin suppository, but we’™ll take poop however we can get it right now.

As of 10 pm last night, and confirmed this morning, he is running a slight fever, 100°. So hopefully the Dr has ordered a CBC to check for infection. Please say a prayer that he does not have an infection!

We found out that his high heart rate from Thursday night was likely caused by a DR’s error. Dr accidentally ordered Insulin be added to Morgan’s TPN (Total Perinatal Nutrition) instead of something to control his acid. So nurse says that was probably the cause of Morgan’s elevated heart rate, bad blood gas and other problems he had Thursday Night. I guess it took them awhile to figure out that his dangerously low blood sugar was due to the accidental insulin dose. Nurse also said that Morgan is a very strong little boy and he bounced back remarkably well from this. We’™re glad to know he’s strong, but would rather not find that out this way. At least no harm was done, and there is an explanation for his elevated heart rate. So again, minor scares, but no real worries. Knock on wood; we continue to feel lucky that Morgan is doing so well despite his age and size.

Oh, his weight last night jumped from 1070 grams the day before to 1145. If that is correct, he weighs about 2lbs 81/2 ounces right now. Just give that boy some food and he’™ll out on weight, it must be genetic! 

I talked to Holly about Nurse Rachet. She asked me to talk to their manager. I agreed but the Manager never came to see me yesterday. But now that Holly has basically said that I am not the only one who has a problem with her, I will make sure to talk to the manager, if only to ask that Lori not be assigned to Morgan. I feel bad doing this, but as Holly said my visits to the NICU should not be made any more stressful than they already are, and that the nurse’s job is to make me feel comfortable and help me to be ready to take Morgan home.

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  1. So exciting to hear that you got to hold Morgan. Actually, I dreamed last night about holding Morgan – must have been a premonition. It is so great to be able to check your website every day and get updates on Morgan and mommy and daddy. I do love technology. All my love, Mom and Gramma

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