Morgan has had a pretty good couple of days. He’s been breathing well, and his heart rate has been good, except for some episodes of high heartbeat (201) last night ‘“ but nurse didn’t seem worried, so I guess its ok. They upped the rate on his ventilator from 24 to 28, they say it is for metabolic reasons, not breathing. His PH is too high so they are trying to ‘œblow’ it out with the extra breaths. He is still breathing at 41 ‘“ 70 most of the time, so doing good there too. They started feedings again yesterday. He seems to have digested both of his first 2 feedings; he’s getting 3ccs of formula every 3 hours.
Here is Morgan doing his ‘˜Magic Fingers’ Thang!….His ART line removed…and chillin’ on his back.

“The Tale of nurse Ratchet’

So that brings me to Mom not having a very good couple of days. The last 2 days Morgan has had this very difficult day nurse, Lori. She greeted me on day one with an attitude, which she followed up with, Dr wants a breast milk culture. I said, ok, what does that mean? (Cause they have bottles and bottles of my milk ‘“ so culture away.) She replied by disappearing for 20 minutes to find the lactation consultant to explain to me what’s needed. Meanwhile I am imagining all of the worst things, is there something wrong with my milk? She comes back without the lactation consultant, who is busy with other moms, and still doesn’t really want to explain anything to me. Which pretty much sums her up. I had to force every bit of information out of her, and for some reason she is hostile to me, I honestly have no idea why. I started the conversation with ‘œHi, I’™m Deborah’, I wouldn’t think that would piss her off, but I guess it did.

So bottom line on the breast milk culture, they are checking to see if I have a rare bacteria in my milk that Morgan may not yet be ready to process (they need a fresh sample for this). If I do have this bacteria, they will put me on antibiotics, and it will be cleared up in no time. The reason they are checking for this, is as both Lori and the Dr put it, Morgan has NEVER tolerated a single feeding. Well all of you faithful readers know that he has tolerated at least 50% of his feedings.

AND, other reason is the GI bleed he had the last time they tried to feed him. His traveling nurse Ami, from Jackson, Mississippi said that could have been due to the feeding tube being put in. Lori was blaming my milk for it. She said that in her experience (about 20 years, by the looks of her) she has NEVER seen a feeding tube cause a bleed ‘“ she was adamant about his, when I tried to reason it out ‘“ saying to her that they suctioned him after they put the tube in, and there was no blood, but 3 hours later there was blood ‘“ she got even more adamant and talked to me like a 6 year old ‘“ telling me that preemies get unexplained GI Bleeds all the time! Well when I finally did see the lactation consultant she said ‘˜absolutely the tube could have caused the bleed’™ ‘“ this was followed up by the Dr saying yesterday that yes it probably was the tube that caused the bleed, which has since resolved. And they have him on Zantac, just in case it wasn’t the tube.

So of course he is tolerating the formula, at least he was as of 10 pm last night ‘“ his normal modus operandi is to digest the first 2 feedings and then none of the second 2. but anyway if he does tolerate all of the formula feedings ‘“ that will just give Lori more fuel for her fire, not that she needs it. I of course know that he could be tolerating the formula because he has Zantac to help him with acid, his GI bleed has resolved, and he has had a couple of more days for his digestive system to mature. Luckily for me the Dr seems committed to getting him back onto to breast milk as soon as we can. I told him that while I am very glad Morgan is getting the nutrition of the formula and that they are continuing to stimulate his digestive system, my preference is for him to have the antibodies that only my breast milk can provide. This is further reinforced by Morgan’s neighbor, Jeremiah, he has been in the NICU since January 31, born weighing 1lb 14ozs, and although he is now weighs 6lbs 11ozs, he has not gone home because he gets one infection after another. I don’t know if this is due to no breast milk, or not. But I do know that I don’t want to take any chances with Morgan and I want him to have every weapon in his arsenal to stay healthy. Thankfully the NICU has 2 lactation consultants who are very committed to him having breast milk, so if I have to fight the battle I will have 2 strong allies in my fight.

For those of you who don’t know, not only is my milk more nutritious because Morgan is premature, as I spend time in the NICU with him, and touching him, my body will also make antibodies to the germs he is being exposed to, so my breast milk will be an even greater source of antibodies to him that the breast milk of a mother with a full term baby. So this is not a battle that Morgan and I are going to lose!

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