First the film I have been waiting for:

REIGN OF FIRE (4.8 of 5)
Wow…All I expected. Dragonslayer meets Road Warrior. A unique and pleasing combo that works. It was dark, it was British, it was moody, but it nailed everything.
A big war between an army and 100-s of dragons wasn-t there, but that-s ok. This was a series of One on One confrontations knowing that the real scale was up above the clouds. The first 20 min, showed the fear of living in these times. Then Enter Van Zant and his Army division. A straightforward American who has traced the terrors roots to London, and came to kick ass. The palette of the film was limited due to the fact that the entire earth was scorched. Just the orange and red of the dragon-s flames supplied any color at all. But when the bull attacks Van Zant-you can see how well the color contrasts work. Bowman-s work is straight forward, but he is 3 for 3 in my book and that doesn-t include his membership in the best 10 X-Files episodes or A-team or Quantum Leap or 21 Jump street or MacGuyver or Brisco County Jr. Hell-if he did an Airwolf he would have been my favorite director of all time. Went to the-great- Bridge cinema for this one. Other than the Hispanic couple behind me, interpreting everything, the showing was perfect. What-do we need a pre-show-El silencio es Dorado- slide now? Is it just me or is the American white culture the only one showing courtesy anymore?

Road to Perdition (3.8 of 5)
Well made is all I can say about this. Everyone did a great job making a gangster movie from the 40-s. Everything that happened, I expected. There were no surprises, No bad acting, no flaws. It was the Godfather on a much smaller scale. Nice.

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