1 Star’¦Catch it now’¦it may not be here next week
2 Star’¦Ok almost fell asleep
3 Star’¦Good to watch if nothing is on and you are stuck to the couch
4 Star’¦The ‘˜BAR’™ all strive to get too
5 Star’¦Even Tivo is unworthy to record it.

UPN and WB will only be mentioned if it sparks my interest.


King of Queens **** All that’s left of the Raymond legacy and still very good
Out of Practice ** saw one’¦had enough
Medium *** Caron is the man’¦but just like Moonlighting’¦one season is enough. And Arquette will grate on you.
Fathom (no rating’¦no viewing)
Kitchen Confidential *** pretty good newcomer..not sure how far it can go.
Las Vegas *** It will always be just 3 stars’¦the new love boat..but with more boobs.
Arrested Development *** More of a great 30 min than a laugh out loud winner
Prison Break (no rating yet’¦saving season for later viewing)
How I Met Your Mother ** Doogie brings the laughs but cant carry everyone.
CSI:Miami ***** More colorful than before and season premiere was shot better than most feature films.
Two and half men ***** Only laugh out loud show on right now.


According to Jim ***
Still good comedy faire with Jim as the Chicago father raising 3 kids with his too-hot-for- him wife. Brother-in-law is running out of way to be funny and extroverted.

Rodney **
Saw the first season as re-runs and like it , but blue collar comedy tour has ruined it for clean redneck humor’¦seems more like a rehash of that Brett Butler show from way back.

Commander-in-Chief ***
Despite a deep seated crush I had on Geena after ‘˜Fletch’™ this unrealistic version of West Wing fails due to the two primary butting heads instead of fighting issues’¦and everyone involved is a Democrat’¦so who are they kidding.

Boston Legal ****
Tied for second as the best show of the night. Alan Shore and Denny Crane are two exocentric lawyers that put all others to shame. David E Kelly does best when focusing on one show’¦and since all others have been cancelled, Boston Legal reaps the spoils. Great in HD.

NCIS ****
The other second place show. CSI with a military twist. Gibbs is deeper and more loyal than even Caruso. Losing Kate was devastating last year, but they are still chugging along. New girl has potential’¦but a MASSAD agent would be kicking much more ass by now. I am waiting for Gibbs to let her loose. Series should start running out of steam’¦just like jag. DeNozo has even gone back to referencing Belsario shows from last season’¦.ahhh Magpie. Little to grainy to reap the rewards of HD.

Amazing Race ****
2nd best Reality show ‘¦but still a good time. Family addition is a little weaker than previous (who wants to yell at your kids)’¦but watching adults yell at it each other is still fun. NOT IN HD

Close to Home (have not watched)
Not sure if I will’¦Deb will probably watch the reruns.

Biggest Loser (have not watched)
Last season was enough.

My Name is Earl ***
Good’¦ but I seem to always need a shower after it’¦does everyone have to be so slimy? Love that the ex-wife drives a Brat (I think first in TV history) But overall the dirt makes it a bit to dirty.

The Office **
Watched one’¦watch a few of the original British versions also’¦.mostly sub par version of ‘˜Office Space’™’¦not worth the time for me.

Law & Order SVU (have not watched)
One of Deb’s shows’¦.ran out of gas on cop drama’s thanks to NYPD Blue.

Bones ***
Lots of money spent here’¦and the characters should grow nicely (thanks to one being a real person) But still seems like a CSI knockoff’¦..Better than CSI:NY but not the OG or top of the heap ‘˜Miami’™.

House *****
Number One again this season (although 24 might give it run) No show is more interesting, tense and darkly funny.

Gilmore Girls (have not watched)
Make that never have watched’¦.it’s a lesbian show right?

Supernatural (have not watched)
Heard it was the closest to X-Files (sorry Threshold) so maybe I will catch later on in reruns.

And at the end: ABC 3rd place with Solid lineup. CBS Second with more fun…and FOX holds the crown jewel of television.


George Lopez **
Liked the re-runs’¦but haven’t gotten into the new ones.

Freddie (have not watched)
And see no reason to’¦nobody I like…in a premise I cant see being interesting.

Lost ****
Picked up perfectly from last season’¦tie for top of the night.

Invasion ***
A good Shawn Cassidy produced show’¦using some of the old production crew from pre-Wells West Wing’¦so the quality is there’¦but not quite a rush home and watch.

Still Standing *
Seems like one more fat-husband/cute-wife sitcom’¦.how many we got this year’¦4?

Yes, Dear *
A 3 star show that has fallen off the cliff’¦.Are these even the same writers as last year? Where is Brian Doyle?

Criminal Minds **
Interesting’¦but a tough field to dominate with the CSI’s in the mix. Mandy is good’¦But Fox’s Bones is far more interesting and cleaner.

CSI: NY ***
Weakest of the Bruckheimer shows’¦.Gary is great…but I don’t like anyone else.

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart *
Ummmm’¦Donald’s version in quirky little ditty’¦.but this is just boring’¦.that lame ass Tommy Hilfiger one was more interesting last year. Martha is a Vicious hardened bitch’¦and that marketable persona has not come out even once!

E-Ring ****
Co-Wednesday champ’¦mix a little Tom Clancy with a little J.A.G…And you make the only real international show on the tube right now. Everybody is likable and Benjamin the Special Ops Commander with a desk job’¦come on’¦that’s just bitchin’™ right there.

Law & Order *
Lost interest a long time ago’¦Wolf does quality show’¦I guess they are just too old hat.

That ’70s Show *
Don’t really watch’¦but if on live’¦I will.

Stacked (have not watched)
Not even remotely interested’¦(despite the fact my cousin directed her playmate video’¦and my intense love of boobs)

Head Cases (have not watched)
And by the quick cancellation’¦either did anyone else.

One Tree Hill *
Blah blah blah..I’™m a dirty tramp’¦(O.C., Everwood’¦blah blah)

Related (have not watched)
All chick show’¦for all chick viewers’¦no thanks.

America’s Next Top Model (have not watched)

Veronica Mars***
Losing its underground status’¦and thus knocking it down to second place for the night. I kind of liked being in the minority group known as viewers.


Alias ***
Finally winding down’¦still good quality, but you can tell everyone is burnt out.

Night Stalker (Have not watched)
Although lots of buzz from the cult original’¦.axed very quickly

PrimeTime Live (Have not watched)
News magazines not on FNC’¦well’¦.suck

Survivor *****
Never miss it ..never will. I picked Danni at the start’¦and she won’¦whoo hoo. Football chicks rock!

CSI ****
Has not fallen of one bit’¦even after the highlight of the tarintino directed episode last season.

Without a Trace ***
Still a quality show’¦I don’t really watch anymore

The O.C. **
have not been able to sit through one yet’¦.I can only take so much teen T.V.

Reunion (Deb has watched)
She likes…Still slated for cancellation)

Joey ***
Ok…Ok’¦yes I laugh.

Will & Grace (?)
Saving up til the summer’¦was on its last legs last summer’¦we get it’¦fags are funny’¦jeez

The Apprentice ***
Good show’¦firing 3 at a time has made this season good again.

ER **
Been sneaking a few here and there’¦Leguizamo is ok but I keep seeing the doctor from the Simpson’s when has talks. Real bright spot was when the Amazon herself Kristen Johnston showed up for a few shows.

Smallville **
Aquaman episode was a great touch’¦all the rest is old hat.

Everwood (Deb has watched)
I stay away from it’¦.I’m scared I might turn into a depressed teen


Supernanny (Have not watched)
And never plan too

Hope & Faith (Have not watched)
First season was more than enough for me. Tough to top two irritating blondes’¦.except maybe three.

Hot Properties (Have not watched)
Sex in the city with all Samantha’s’¦ without the nudity’¦I’™ll pass.

20/20 (Have not watched)
News magazines not on FNC’¦well’¦.suck

Ghost Whisperer (Have not watched)

NUMB3RS ****
King of Friday’¦smart, thrilling, makes you feel stupid and lazy. A few cast changes’¦some for the better. Adding Diane Farr (really smart’¦but can’t really play one) was a good upgrade.

Bernie Mac Show *
Never really hit right for me.

Malcolm in the Middle ***
Still smart and funny’¦in a white trash kinda way.

Killer Instinct **
Interestingly Overacted’¦tough to compete with Bones in the genre.

Dateline NBC (Have not watched)
News magazines not on FNC’¦well’¦.you know.

Three Wishes (Have not watched)
Extreme Home Knockoff-Country edition

Inconceivable (0)
Watched three (in protest). A show no male wants to watch’¦and that makes females pull their hair out’¦oh yea’¦that’s gonna sell.

WWE Smackdown! (Have not watched since)
When Chyna stopped wrestling’¦so did I.

What I Like About You (Have not watched)

Twins **
Surprisingly not horrible’¦even considering the list of undesirable people that are in it.

Reba **
Top 3 of the WB shows’¦not really saying much’¦Reba is the straight one.

Living with Fran (Ummm..No)

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