first Clancy book, and the first Clancy for Ben Affleck and Phil Robinson. Phil, you made 2 of the 30 best films of the decade (Field of Dreams and Sneakers) This doesn’t match those but you have beaten of Phillip Noyce’s attempts at Clancy. There were a few hiccups, referencing Clinton when this story really takes place just before him. But that was the only one. Great tension, Great Bomb, Great acting across the board. Ben is Ryan 5 years before Alec’s Ryan and it fits. Harrison did a great Ryan, but was too old for the stories they chose. The latest books ‘Bear and Dragon’ and ‘Debt of Honor’ are more for Harrison age. Hopefully ‘Without Remorse’ is next (No Jack Ryan at all). That is still my favorite and makes ‘Clear and Present Danger’ a better movie and book. Up to the Regal for this one.,+Joel

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