55 Million dollar opening weekend should at least earn a 3, but alas the horrible headache inducing cinematography made the rating fall down the stairs like Eddie Murphy’s Aunt Bunny. The story was great and on par with the original. Franka and Matt play their characters with gusto and Joan Allen is a good addition. The scenery is still anti-Bond and maintains the grainy depressing third world view of the original. The story takes the Ex-Black-Op CIA killing machine with amnesia to the next level. Moving from staying alive’¦. to a ‘˜who am I’™ thriller. The espionage of the film is second rate when compared to The Saint or any Tom Clancy book, but Jason is an interesting character and worth watching in serial form. Now the problems: EVERYTHING ELSE. It looks like it was shot with a 8mm Bell& Howell held by Stephen Hawking on a sugar bender. The fight scenes we shot so horribly close that you couldn’t tell a fist from a big toe. The camera was tied down to a tripod maybe 10% of the time; the rest was a blitzkrieg of unnatural camera vibration that the crew of the Enterprise couldn’t even survive. The action sequences themselves probably looked brilliant on paper and the car stunts would made Remy Julienne blush, but the second unit director destroyed any hope of making this a watchable film. Two Advil and One hour soaking in the pool still couldn’t relieve the headache.

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