Round 1 – Nashville

Carrie does Sin Wagon’¦not a fan of song or the group and I think old pink hair from season two did it the better’¦.but Carrie was in her element…and made it fun.

Boring but very Bo’¦not a stretch’¦but not needed yet.

Vonzell does crackling version of ‘œHow do I Live’œ done better by Trisha’¦Leeann …Faith. Vonzell says she had a tough day and started crying ‘¦but still not good.

Fed ‘¦starts well and hits all the notes with confidence…good job Feds’¦

1st round goes: Carrie – Bo ‘“ Anthony ‘“ Vonzell

Round 2 ‘“ Philly Style

Carrie- tearful intro’¦. soulful and clean start ‘¦1st chorus a bit unemotional’¦2nd chorus much better with good clean runs and on key’¦but overall boring. Lower than first song.

Bo ‘“ Perfect song for Bo’¦. nails whole song’¦.nuf said (would be worth buying’¦right up there with Clay’s ‘˜Bridge’™)

Vonzell ‘“ starts off nervous’¦good clean chorus ‘¦2nd chorus even better ‘¦much better round for the ‘˜Black Denise Roper’™

Anthony ‘“ copies Carrie’¦fits him better’¦a bit Broadway again’¦but good’¦not great’¦just good.

2nd round: Bo ‘“ Vonzell ‘“ Anthony ‘“ Carrie

For the night: BO ‘“ Carrie ‘“ Vonzell – Federov goes home

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